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7 Reasons You Should Switch to Natural Skin Care

Skincare products are now arguably one of the primary needs of women in the UK. Not to mention the various brands that show the advantages of their products, some are organic, contain natural ingredients. Talking about skincare products with natural ingredients, it turns out that they have a number of benefits for the skin. The content of natural ingredients in skin care products can minimize side effects that occur on the skin such as allergies or redness of the skin.

That by choosing skincare products that do not use harmful chemicals, we have indirectly reduced the number of toxins that enter the skin so that it can help slow down the aging process. In addition, he also said that skincare products made from natural ingredients are safe to use for pregnant women.

Onlybio is one of the products that you can choose as a skincare product with natural ingredients. The majority of products from Onlybio are formulated from natural ingredients and are suitable for use from a young age.

Think of having shampoo, soap, and moisturizer as well as many more Onlybio care products with natural ingredients so that when family members use them they will be safe. This is also something you should think about if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Skincare products with chemical bases are prone to harmful effects on your baby.

So, switch to more natural body and facial care products before it’s too late.

Why should we choose skincare products that have natural basic ingredients, you know? What are the reasons?

1. It is safer to use every day

Products with organic base ingredients will certainly be safer to use every day than products that have toxic chemical bases. Natural skincare products will gently soothe your skin.

2 Reduce skin damage

Cosmetics and natural skincare products will also reduce the possibility of irritation that causes damage to the skin. This underlies the choice of people with sensitive skin to choose organic skincare products because they have the potential to reduce irritation sometimes caused by chemicals.

3. For the health of children and families

It’s fair that when we talk about health, we’re also thinking about the rest of our family. It’s the same with choosing skincare products. Beauty or personal care products that are at home are opened or sprayed where many family members will not immediately consume them.

4. Participate in preserving the environment

Did you know, if you wash your face with oil-based ingredients and harsh surfactants like SLS in a row, you will clog the flow of water?

This is because microbeads (small plastic balls found in exfoliators), will contaminate our waterways and harm our marine life.

Instead of just paying attention to the contents, try to start looking at the packaging of your skincare products to see if they are recyclable, refillable, or even biodegradable.

By paying attention to the skin and facial care products you use, you can also help protect the environment.

5. Protecting animal life

If the facial and body care products you use are vegan and without animal cruelty, you are also helping to save and protect animals. If you care about animal life in our universe, you must make sure every personal care product you buy will preserve animal life from being endangered.

6. Gives good reflection to the skin

If we use products made from nature. The skin will easily accept these care products well. Skin will be well-nourished with gentle plant oils, these will be very nourishing ingredients for your skin.

7. Safe for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is very susceptible to allergies, itching and redness, and even acne. So it is very suitable to use Cosmetics made from organic. The content will not clog the pores that cause acne.