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Get to know the benefits of a mouthguard and how to keep your body germ-free when wrestling

Safety in exercising is very important to note, considering that some sports have difficulties and risks that are quite high. For example, in sports that involve hitting the face, one of which is wrestling. This sport that involves two people requires each person to compete in punches to get match points. The blows made are not directed at the body but are mostly directed at the face area. But if you pay attention, before the start of the match, the wrestlers will use a wrestling mouthguard. This tool is specifically designed to protect the tooth area from the risk of impact and blow. But do you know other benefits of this particular tool?

The dental guard commonly used by athletes to protect the mouth is called a mouthguard. The use of a mouth guard in sports athletes can reduce the risk of tooth decay due to impact, let alone a blow. Considering that teeth are one of the important body parts that are directly related to the continuity of the process of oral activities, such as speaking, chewing, and giving shape to the face. If your teeth are not protected during practice or competition, they can be injured and cause bleeding that can lead to tooth loss. Mouthguards can be used by children as well as adults who do physical contact sports, such as boxing, basketball, and hockey.

Martial arts is a positive activity that has many benefits, from weight loss to maintaining fitness. Unfortunately, wrestling can also be a place for germs to attack and cause various diseases in you. That’s because the sport of Wrestling makes your body sweat so it feels moist. Not to mention, you are also in contact with various objects that may not be kept clean.

The sweat that comes out after wrestling and soaking your clothes makes germs make it a breeding ground. Therefore, so that these germs do not cause continuous body odor and various harmful diseases, hurry yourself to take a shower using anti fungal soap. In fact, The Journal of the American Medical Association states that using anti-fungal soap when bathing can reduce the harmful effects of germs by up to 44 percent.

The other benefits that you can get if you use a mouth guard include:

1. Relaxing Neuromuscular

Mouthguard apparently not only serves to protect teeth from the risk of injury but also helps relax the muscles of the face and neck by changing their position. The muscles of the face, jaw, and neck are parts of the body that have muscles that are prone to injury. Therefore, the use of a mouthguard can relax the muscles in the face, neck, and jaw so that the muscles are not easily tensed even though they are used to working continuously.

2. Affect Performance

Another benefit that you can feel when using a mouthguard when exercising is to improve performance in exercising. The use of protective teeth and mouth will adjust the position of the lower jaw so that the nerve fibers and blood vessels in the jaw joint are not pinched. As a result, blood flow and the amount of oxygen received by the tissues will increase, both in terms of strength and function.

3. Gives Psychological Effect

Psychologically, someone who has used a mouth guard will feel safer and much more prepared to practice and compete. This method was also able to reduce the concerns of athletes in terms of injuries so that they could compete optimally.

So, try to keep using body armor when exercising, either mouth guard or other protectors. Even though it is only a basic exercise, the risk of injury can occur anytime and anywhere. Try to choose a mouth guard that is safe and strong in protecting your teeth and mouth. Consult with your dentist first so you can choose the material from the mouth guard that you want to use. Regularly clean the mouthguard using a toothbrush and toothpaste so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria if you want to reuse it. Clean every corner like when you brush your teeth and then clean under running water.