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Who are my parents?

Perhaps a well-known question for children who have been adopted: who are my parents? Often adopted children often walk with an unpleasant feeling because they do not understand why their parents gave their own child away. If you want to actively search for your parents, it is important to take a number of things into account. It is also important to look at what you already know about your parents. For example, how old they are or where they come from. Do you want to know what you can use to find your parents? Then read on.

No more closed adoptions

When you are adopted, this can be with an open file or a closed file. When the file is closed, this means that the adoption company has no knowledge of the parents. As a result, the adoption company cannot help you further with the search for your parents. This path will then come to a dead end for you.

When you have an open adoption, information about your parents can often be found in the file. This allows you to make an appointment or see where your parents live and visit them.

Almost sure

When you have found a possible parent, you can easily exclude them. All you need for the big reveal is a DNA patrenity test. A DNA paternity test will ensure that possibly your father or mother’s DNA will match with yours. You can request the DNA paternity test at the hospital, but if you are not sure yet, you have other options for the DNA paternity test. You can also order a DNA paternity test. You can find this under the name home dna paternity test. With the home DNA paternity test you can easily find out for yourself by taking DNA whether you are genetically linked to that person and/or whether this person is also one of your parents.

When you have performed a home DNA paternity test, it is important that you send it to the site where you ordered it. This is because after a few days you will receive the results of your own home DNA paternity test. You didn’t have to do much using the home dna paternity test, but you still have the answer to your very important question; is this my parent? How nice is that? You can enjoy yourself with perhaps a new parent. In addition, contact with your real parents is also good for your own coping process.