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Benefits of THC and Solventless Concentrates

Smoking marijuana is a favorite pastime for many. In fact, in 2019 alone, over 48 million people used Marijuana products. High-quality products, such as the THC concentrates California-made, make smoking marijuana easier, more convenient, and can actually save you money. Below are some of the benefits of using newer products, like THC concentrates, instead of other forms of Marijuana.

Ease of Use

Using solventless concentrates is quite easy, since these products already come with a vape pod and pen. It’s easy to simply take a hit and put your pen away, rather than needing to crush up weed into a bowl, bong, or joint. Not only does this take a lot of time, but it can also be tricky for novice smokers.

Save Money

Vaping marijuana through solventless concentrates is actually more cost-efficient than smoking it. That’s because the THC concentration in these products is very high, usually around 50 to 70 percent and sometimes over 80 percent. This means it takes very little to smoke and get the high feeling you need.

Better Purity

Solventless and solvent-free concentrations have extracted all the good THC and benefits from marijuana, meaning you get more purity per hit than with traditional weed products.