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Laser Marking – Health Product Coding – Pharmaceutical Industry

Laser Marking – Health Product Coding – Pharmaceutical Industry. marcatura laser machines have become a very promising option for manufacturers to select products to mark.
Laser technology has been used since 1960 in medicine and started to enter industrial cutting in 1970.
With the increasing popularity of Laser Marking technology.
In recent years, laser marking machines have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Gradually replacing traditional ink.
According to research, the general marking method is often unsafe and environmentally unfriendly because the paint contains toxic substances.
Second, as specialty commodities, health care products and pharmaceuticals need to be coded on the packaging to meet the strict requirements of traceability in the pharmaceutical industry.
Laser marking can accurately burn and engrave fine, clear, and long-term characters.
Which cannot be erased and changed, and has a certain anti-counterfeit effect.
With the development of technology, laser marking machines have been introduced into major marking applications.

Laser marking machine description

A laser Marking Machine is a machine that makes a marking permanently on the surface of a media.
Thus making a unique difference to the product.
Laser Marking – Health Product Coding – Pharmaceutical Industry
As for media that can be marked as in Metal (Metal) such as Iron, Stainless, Titanium, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Galvanize, etc.
There are several Laser Marking Machines on the market, depending on the type of media to be marked and tailored to the needs of each user.

Lasit Machine uses a laser marking system equipped with a High-Quality Laser Spot, uniform Laser Density, and a very stable output.
Has a very fast speed and level of resolution that is very detailed and fine, and Low-Cost Operational.
This laser marking also has a Rotary feature to give marking to a spherical or cylindrical plane.
Suitable for marking various material surfaces to make logos, barcodes, QR codes, UID codes, serial numbers, writings, photos, etc.
With very detailed sharpness quality, permanent marking results, and very high production costs.
small so that it is suitable for making Bulk product Markings in various industries.