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Retro Decor Tips and Ideas for your Bedroom

There is something charming, individualistic, old-fashioned, and romantic about decorating your bedroom in retro style. It’s a far-reaching style that we can’t use a few words to describe. Yes, it means decorating your space with colors, fabrics, and accessories that were popular back in the day. They aren’t antiques yet but they give you the nostalgic and versatile look popular in the 1940s and 50s. Their history is so rich that it can’t go out of style so your bedroom will forever have timeless interior décor. Here are some décor ideas and tips to include in your bedroom.

Do some paintwork

When it comes to vintage, color is your best friend. A little paintwork can go a long way. It’s so true that a person’s junk is another’s treasure. Don’t let those stained, scuffed, and old-looking pieces discourage you from buying them. You can always give them a makeover with some colorful coat. A plain bedside dresser can be painted turquoise and change the appearance of the whole room.

Add something unexpected

You won’t find a vintage item in the mass-produced décor pieces in interior design stores. The treasures are finds you get by doing something out of the ordinary with your room. If you’ve got something you love to collect, give it a spotlight in your room. Old globes, apothecary jars for your candy/ jewelry, ceramic dogs or cats, hats, or any other thing that makes you smile when you see it.

Get creative

Retro designs are one of a kind. You can’t use matched furniture and predictable décor to achieve this look. You’ve got to break the rules a little. Get a folding chair instead of a bedside table. Do something different, it’s the only rule of retro decorating. Don’t go for a traditional headboard, get a vintage fireplace to serve as a headboard. Or simply paint a new headboard to look like an old one.

Mix some new and old furniture

Retro décor doesn’t mean everything has to have aged. Think about it, having only period pieces can be overwhelming at times. Mix the vintage pieces you have with something from this time period. For instance, you can get a new bed and beddings but mix it up with old nightstands and suitcases. Have a floral wallpaper that celebrates retro. But if you’re a die-hard vintage enthusiast, there’s no harm in going all the way vintage. You’ll have a relaxing retreat for a bedroom.